Uncovering the …


DACO is very proud to announce the fifth book in our detailed range “Uncovering the…”, inwhich the Lockheed F-104G and TF-104G Starfighters are uncovered.

And as both authors have a strong passion for this aircraft, we have done an extra effort to give you a true bible by showing everything of the in & outside of this famous jet.

Around 875 (all colour) detailed photos are given of various Starfighters still located all around Europe, some ready to be scrapped, others being restorated with passion and several still in prestine condition. Many pictures show items and details that have never been published before, and not a single item has not been uncovered.

This book has the size of 21 x 24 cm (8.25 x 9.50 inch), contains of 160 pages and has additional 2 large foldouts ( 1 meter / 40″ long) with highly accurate 1/72nd & 1/48th scale drawings (yep, we measured the Starfighter completely for these drawings) and the various cockpit lay-out drawings



Uncovering the (T)F-104G Starfighter [ENG]